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Labour market participation of Sub-Saharan Africans in the Netherlands: the limits of the human capital approach

This paper focuses on the labour disparities between Sub-Saharan African immigrants in the Netherlands, a hitherto undescribed ethnic group, and the native Dutch population. Using unique data with nationwide coverage, the analysis reveals that the labour market position of Sub-Saharan Africans displays an exceptionally large disparity with the native Dutch, compared with discrepancies found in…
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Big Data is revolutionizing the labour market sector.

Labour market, including the need for closer links between the Labor market and education and training provision, the rapid emergence of new and changed occupations and the speed of changes in skills demands. It also results from the growth of private sector employment agencies and consultancies and the trend towards advertising job vacancies online. Big…
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Diane Confurius, la gabonaise qui règne sur les Big Data aux Pays-Bas

Née à Franceville, dans le Gabon profond, Diane Confurius née Ngorouma Abieri est une ingénieure de talent qui s’est spécialisée dans les Big Data. “Big Data, Data Science… ce sont des termes très « trendy » en ce moment qui ont pour objectif tout simplement de « valoriser les données » que l’on possède.” explique-t-elle.…
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